Pure & Nature

30 natural farms within an 80km radius of the factory

  Pure and Natural
Australia is situated away from other continents, it’s taken tens of millions of years to form the most pristine natural environment and is known for being pollution free.
Australia is surrounded by the Pacific and Indian Ocean, bringing clean moist air produced by coastal grazing areas which is favourable for the healthy rise of dairy. While other countries have adopted the industrialised dairy breeding, Australia is still focusing on the natural grazing of livestock.
  Natural Famland
The best location to produce pure and natural milk is located in Victoria. Victoria is the largest milk producing state in Australia. The factories in Victoria have designated over 330 natural organic green pastures and are geographically one of the world’s best organic agriculture.
Australia’s climate and natural resources are generally favourable to dairying and allow the industry to be pre dominantly pasture – based, with approximately 70-75% of castle feed requirements coming from grazing in a year of normal seasonal conditions.
  Australia’s Dairy Cow
A strictly controlled agricultural environment in Australia especially in Victoria, which is known for having one of the world’s toughest quality assurance measures to ensure that local milk quality from each dairy cow is monitored correctly.

After many years of the development of the dairy industry in Australia and strict screening of the Australian cattle has currently over 10 famous dairy breeds, including Holstein Friesian, Jersey Cow, Illawarra Shorthorn Cows and Australian Red Bull.