From birth to 12 months

OZcare Premium Infant Formula from birth to 12 months is unique formulation that provides essential nutrients to supplement the dietary needs of an active baby when their energy and nutritional intake inadequate

No artificial colour, fragrance and additive.Containing Australia’s deep sea fish oil Omega 3 and Australia’s natural botanical extract Omega 6.

5 development elements for growth
Baby’s behaviour, intelligence and visual development.
Enhance baby’s nutrient absorption, effectively prevent anemia in infants.
Vital unsaturated fatty acid found in breast milk, effective way to help your baby mental and visual development.
Strengthen immunity, adjust balance, boost digestion and ensure overall health.
Promote intestinal absorption, enhance resistance, defense bacteria.

From birth to 12 months baby development characteristic:

OZcare Sleeping Cow nutrition formula:

Body weight averagely increase of 30-40 grams per day

The three nutrients balanced ratio of protein, fat, carbohydrates, ensure baby’s health growth and development of the metabolic needs.

Brain development -50% of the lifetime

OZcare baby powder formula contains DHA and ARA, LA, a-linoleic acid, taurine, choline nutrients promoting infant brain and visual development, improve memory.

Low immunity strength

OZcare baby powder formula contains nucleotide, which is similar to breast milk content, it promote the growth of beneficial bacteria in the gut, reducing the rate of diarrhea in children; provide important antibody factor and inhibit bacterial growth.

Immature Organs, weak digestion

OZcare formula contains whey protein and casein ratio of 60:40; it contains prebiotics galactooligosaccharide which promote bifidobacteria breeding and enhance nutrient absorption